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Deleted: Dear all. Please note I have changed my player name in SE from BP5ych0therap15t to BP Psygnosis. Will request to Admin to change it here as well to avoid confusion. Best regards. Oct 14, 2019 11:05:30 GMT
meeklosh: Wtf Ziiiig Oct 14, 2019 15:50:56 GMT
Skurai: hey, Zig, a bunch of the guys are also playing MTGA, we even have a telegram MTGA room, come join us if you fancy Oct 16, 2019 17:08:51 GMT
Zigbigwig: SUP MEEEK! Oct 23, 2019 5:06:31 GMT
Zigbigwig: hell yea i wanna get in on those spicy brews. i'll send you a PM Oct 23, 2019 5:06:46 GMT
renew: (:)) Oct 26, 2019 12:07:46 GMT
satanaitis: 8-) Oct 29, 2019 19:43:48 GMT
meeklosh: yo Oct 30, 2019 22:13:59 GMT
renew: I've reinstalled the game :o Nov 3, 2019 18:07:15 GMT
emigor: hi renew and satty! come join us on telegram. forum now is not so used Nov 4, 2019 0:35:06 GMT
renew: I barely have tome to either play or go on the forum, so Telegram is a big no-no :P Even when I was "active", I rarely went there. But hi, emigor =) Nov 7, 2019 20:02:46 GMT
renew: I won my first game! With my good old weird trap Victor, vs solo Darkclaw. Nov 9, 2019 14:07:23 GMT
renew: 2nd one too :P Nov 9, 2019 14:39:24 GMT
meeklosh: nice you're on a roll Nov 12, 2019 22:48:41 GMT
Deleted: No more ROLL CALL since september ? By the way, I found a certain " BP SOME1" on QM, as well as Samyou2d3ath ( now playing for Black Templars) and BP Zero. Wishing you Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming 2020 Dec 23, 2019 16:39:27 GMT
amberfade: We took a year off, coming back in full force soon ;) Jan 3, 2020 15:18:53 GMT
meeklosh: Jan 5, 2020 12:33:43 GMT
Deleted: I lost against a girl ( TJ Catalina), what should I do next ? 1) date her 2) ask her to join us 3) change my IGN 4) go crying in my room. Jan 8, 2020 18:06:18 GMT
amberfade: 1) you dont want that trust me ;) Option 4 sounds good Jan 8, 2020 20:45:11 GMT *
Skurai: lol May 10, 2020 1:09:55 GMT