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Skurai: hey bros Sept 16, 2019 3:42:24 GMT
meeklosh: yo Sept 16, 2019 21:46:45 GMT
Skurai: Is Renew ever around? Sept 17, 2019 17:33:19 GMT
meeklosh: he has been gone for a while.. Didn't leave BP, just RL got him iirc. I miss him too Sept 17, 2019 18:33:30 GMT
Skurai: :'( Sept 17, 2019 23:52:46 GMT
Darth X: Dart it's pretty much Magic the Gathering Arena. Sept 20, 2019 16:13:00 GMT
meeklosh: sing ups for the internal will be over soon Sept 21, 2019 21:57:26 GMT
Skurai: oh dang Sept 23, 2019 8:21:10 GMT
meeklosh: challonge.com/wo2y502q Sept 25, 2019 20:58:53 GMT
Leviosablade: hmmm well hello Oct 1, 2019 19:08:23 GMT
BP Psygnosis: I don´t know how dead is SE, but yesterday I lost versus the famous spammer Meower Power :) this being said he is not active on SE chat, thank God. Oct 3, 2019 16:27:03 GMT
Zigbigwig: BEEN A WHILE HOPE YOU GUYS ARE OK Oct 9, 2019 7:38:44 GMT
Zigbigwig: BEEN A WHILE HOPE YOU GUYS ARE OK Oct 9, 2019 7:38:49 GMT
Skurai: hey bro!! ^ hope u good!! take care :P Oct 9, 2019 17:52:44 GMT
Zigbigwig: haha yeah, i was browsing through ios apps and App Store recommended me Shadow Era for some reason so i stalked that and this forums for a bit. Oct 9, 2019 23:27:06 GMT
Dart: Oh hey hey, dont think youll remember me but I do remember your names! Hope you all are doing great Oct 10, 2019 4:05:14 GMT
Zigbigwig: definitely remember you and skurai. !!!!! after SE I jumped to diffferent card games, but now I've just been playing Magic (paper for a while but now just arena) Oct 10, 2019 18:31:32 GMT *
BP Psygnosis: Dear all. Please note I have changed my player name in SE from BP5ych0therap15t to BP Psygnosis. Will request to Admin to change it here as well to avoid confusion. Best regards. Oct 14, 2019 11:05:30 GMT
meeklosh: Wtf Ziiiig Oct 14, 2019 15:50:56 GMT
Skurai: hey, Zig, a bunch of the guys are also playing MTGA, we even have a telegram MTGA room, come join us if you fancy Oct 16, 2019 17:08:51 GMT